This week we went on a short adventure to Edinburgh to see my sister, and couldn’t resist seeing the castle, where I pondered what this magnificent creature might be. It looks just like a horse, sitting outside the national Scottish War Memorial, but has cloven hooves. I had hoped that somewhere inside the memorial someone might have given a little room to commemorate the millions of our horse friends that have given their lives in our wars, but in their absence I think this fellow will have to do.

Living as we do without television, Christmas is still something that will happen at the end of December, and hasn’t descended upon us yet. Edinburgh apparently embraces the whole midwinter celebration wholeheartedly, and so we got a taste of things to come when we visited the magnificent Dome bar, where we saw some *serious* fairy lights.
Coming home after spending 5 days in a roomy flat with unlimited hot running water, and as much electricity as one can use, was a little odd, as the difference between our lives here in the truck and that of many others was highlighted. We had a great time, but returning to our cosy home with its candle lit living room, and constantly burbling radio was comforting.
Some interesting talks were had with relatives about how they felt burdened by the need to have so much ‘stuff’, and I tried my best to explain how it might be a relief to let go of some of it. Not sure how successful I might have been though….

Enjoying a drink in the Dome bar in Edinburgh…:)