There’s just something about tipis, isn’t there. That iconic conical shape with smoke drifting up in the breeze, flags fluttering from the pole tops. We fell in love with tipis years ago, and knew that we had to bring one back here to Lackan Cottage Farm. Ours was made by Michael Bonser of Eco Retreats in Wales, and it was there that we first spent time in it.  There really is no structure like it – one in which you can be warm and dry under canvas, with an open fire in the centre of your space.

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Lying in bed watching the smoke rising gently above you, and the fire casting shadows on the inside of the canvas, you are transported to another time, and another place entirely.



The space is plenty for four people to stay, and for twenty people to sit round. Contrary to what people might think, it is very rarely smoky, as smoke is drawn up and out through the smoke flaps above, and the inner lining provides a draught for the fire whilst keeping cold air away from the area inside.


It is true that once people have spent time here they can’t wait to come again, and we love to introduce new folk to the unique experience that is tipi living, over and over again.  As well as occasional rentals, we offer the tipi to people who come and volunteer on the farm, and this will be the case when we come to build our eco classroom.

Also we are offering anyone who pledges £100 to our crowdfund campaign the chance to come and spend a night here in the tipi. Sit around the firepit and enjoy some of the produce grown here on the farm, and then head off to a night in what is definitely our favourite place to stay.

You can help by visiting – http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/lackancottage  and making a pledge

And/or sharing this link with your friends. Every pledge takes us just that bit closer to building a space in which we can share skills, stories and experiences with others all year round. 🙂