It is that time when we look back at the year gone, and remember all the amazing people who have passed through the farm, and marvel at the things they did along the way. Volunteers came from all over the world – Spain, Italy, North America, Australia, England as well as more locally. We loved every minute of it, this wouldn’t be possible without you, and we can’t wait to do it all again next year. For us, having volunteers come to the farm isn’t just about the work, it’s about the stories you bring, the camaraderie, the food, and the laughter. Here are some of the amazing folk that came by in 2014…..



Oscar from Spain opened the season, preparing the way, and planting potatoes amongst many other things…




A familiar face – Caroline who visited us last year from Sweden, now working as a butcher here in Northern Ireland!




Isabelle and Josiane, from Quebec, Canada, who built the much admired woven fence during their time here..





Tom Wooley and his team of eco building students who paid us a visit.




Isabelle and Josiane creating hugelkultur beds in the growing field.




Lyra had a ball too, and got to meet loads of little people..




August, and from Italy came our intrepid veterinary students Samanta and Irene, weeding their way across the field.




and saving the life of our oldest hen – Mummy Hen, following a dog attack.




Sharly arrived from Australia, bringing garlic knowledge, tales from her community, and lots of laughs.




Finally Tara arrived from LA, via France, to complete the quartet.




September, and warm weather heralded some speedy roofing. Thanks to David, Brian, Andrew, Sinead and Jon for helping to make that happen.




Joan,  Siobhan and Adrian rounded the month off by helping to lay turf and soil on the roof.





October, and it was the turn of Phil and Lauren to drop in for a few days of earth plaster making. Just in time to show us what to do..



Not everyone comes from so far away. The wonderful Tasha has been helping regularly for a while now, with everything from cob mixing to weeding.





Last but by no means least, Paul, Theo and Polly, on their way to the far east, via Wales, and who did amazing work helping to plaster and create some of the lovely decorative work on the walls. Safe journey, guys.