Friday was an interesting day, as we got up at the crack of dawn to welcome a little film crew from the BBC to the farm and they wanted to start at 8am. It is part of a programme about housing, and our bit is (hopefully) how modern technology can combine with traditional materials and methods. Being new to this filming lark, we basically did what we were told, and pottered about while Steven the cameraman and Richard the producer followed us around the place…


An awful lot of filming gets eventually condensed down into not a lot of programme, so we’ve literally no idea what will emerge next spring when the programme airs. Even Bo got in on the act



After a couple of hours of filming around the place, our interviewer Gloria Hunniford arrived, and we did a bit of a chat, where we entirely forgot what we meant to say, but had an entertaining time. Gloria was a consummate professional, being able to repeat questions without a mistake, at which point we’d say something entirely different to the last go. Patrick the driver and John, Gloria’s husband were entertained by Lyra, and very soon our time was done.


It was certainly an adventure, and we learned a lot in a short space of time. With any luck we won’t end up looking like a couple of lunatics, but who knows…