Had a good trek round the farm this evening after dinner, finishing up in the woods. The light as the sun sets is always amazing, and I was there just in time to get some great pictures.
It is certainly a relief to be living back in the country, without neighbours, noisy cars, sodium lighting, and all the background babble that you get on a big estate on a sunny evening. Although it is hard to explain, I already feel the move from the rented, cheaply built, north facing, 80’s semi-detached bungalow to the truck feels like a weight has been lifted from me. Two completely different worlds.
The divide between the two is particularly evident here, as the estates of Bangor stop at the boundary of the farm, little more than 30 yards from the edge of the woods. Looking out, it is easy to imagine being one of a tribe who has ventured to the far edges of the woodland to look out at the modern world beyond, with its smell of evening barbeques, the thump of bass, and the sound of speeding Honda Civics. 
I almost called it the ‘normal’ world, but really, I inhabit the normal world, and the densely populated, noisy, wasteful and money driven world beyond is surely the abnormal one.