Today Joan, Tina, Ruth and I went along to the As Sustainably As Possible ‘Picnic on the Hill’ event on the front lawns of Parliament Buildings. The idea of the event, organised by Shirley Lewis, aka ‘Baglady’. I’m not entirely sure who the event was aimed at, but a good few folks came along, and a variety of speakers gave a few words about the things they had pleged to give up in the cause of sustainability, and what positive steps they would take.

I’m pleased to say that one of the better (although reluctant) speakers was our own Rachael, who was last up.
My ‘Utter Bullshit of the Day’ awards, go jointly to the Environment Minister Alex Atwood, who gave possibly the least heartfelt speech I have ever heard, and who appeared to have been told he wouldn’t get any pudding unless he got up and said a few words.
The other award, goes (sadly) to Steven Agnew, Green Party Leader. The best the leader of the only Environmental political party in Northern Ireland could come up with is that he is going to not use his tumble dryer.
Way to go Steven. The planet is surely a safer place now that you’re not using possibly the most wasteful household appliance there is. What will it be next year? Relinquishing a  patio heater?
Politicians aside, it was a fun few hours on the lawns, and some good footage was got for the Baglady cause.

Rachael making her maiden speech at Parliament Buildings.