Last weekend we ran our inaugural willow basket making course with tutor Sabine Wolniczak, and unlike most courses that we run here, I was able to join in – my first attempt at basket making. I have to say I’ve got the bug, as having not made the time to turn bowls for a long time, it was great to make something with my hands once again.


We quickly began to work our way through the bundles of willow that Sabine had brought along, and before long our creations began to take shape –


quickly developing to the point where they looked like they would become baskets.


as we wrestled our sometimes unruly lengths of willow into shape



Sabine was an excellent teacher though, and guided us through the process without being tempted to take over, meaning that our finished work was very largely our own. She demonstrated each step before we moved on –



We’re looking forward to our next course, quite likely in early September. If you think you would be interested, let us know by emailing or using the contact form.