Finally, some blue sky! Even if it doesn’t last it is very welcome. As the moment when we get our solar panels hooked up comes closer, we’re taking an ever greater interest in just how much sunlight we’re actually seeing. It’ll be a few weeks before we can get the wind turbine, so solar will be all that is charging the batteries for a bit.
Yesterday the shiny new batteries arrived from the extremely helpful Philip at Leisure Batteries Ireland. They are modern 135Ah Carbon Fibre Advanced Glass Mat deep cycle batteries, which are far longer lasting, and can’t spill acid like normal leisure batteries. With any luck they will do for many years. 
 To manage these, and keep an eye on what we are using, a Steca solar controller is doing the technical stuff, although its got the hump at the moment as the panels aren’t connected. Hopefully next week they’ll be up and running.