Paul, Theo and Polly – we miss you already

We’ve finally come to the end of our volunteer season until the new year, and its been a real pleasure to welcome Polly, Paul and their son Theo, who are on an amazing journey, and leaving us to head to Lammas in Wales, en route to a journey around the far east. We’ve done some great work together, and thanks to them a whole wall of the build is now plastered, and we’ve begun to add some illustrations to the walls.  It already seems odd having the place to ourselves again, and we wish you guys well on your journey.

Our ancient sycamore tree, soon to be heavily pollarded to save it from collapse, is commemorated, and we’re really pleased with the results –



We’re still at a base coat of plaster, and both the walls and raised work will have another coat (or two) before we are done. Above is the big sycamore, contrasted by something more slender on the other side of the room  –