We’ve used all manner of “eco” technologies in the cottage, and my favourite so far is the sheep’s wool insulation, which came from Black Mountain Insulation. After a long day yesterday we had a third of the house done, and suddenly the space  has changed again.

With a lot of timber in the house, some of which has definitely played host to a variety of worms, beetles and other visitors, we settled on treating it all with Borax, which seems to keep them at bay, but which won’t do us any harm. The other alternative would have been to limewash it all, and indeed the only beams not to have been eaten were those that had been limewashed an age ago.
Our lime-hemp plaster is arriving next week, courtesy of Ty Mawr, who by comparison with, shall we say, a more local supplier were helpful, quick to respond, and a lot more affordable. The extra distance was something that bothered us, and our preference would have been to use a local supplier, but in this case, our tiny budget dictated the source.