Food is one area where current circumstances mean that I’m not going to be self reliant, but will grow as much as possible, and enjoy produce such as free range eggs from the hens on the farm. It is certainly a fantastic learning process – we have growing space in the form our our recently made raised beds, and some space in the polytunnel, which gives us the opportunity to grow the vast majority of our veg, and we have a good number of fruit bushes too. 
My foraging knowledge is pretty limited – mainly to wild garlic, and strawberries, which are hard to mistake, but which are fantastic when they’re in season.
Part of the move to reduce my ecological footprint involves eating considerably less meat than I used to, which for a committed carnivore, was initially hard going. However a week in Wales eating a predominantly vegan diet really opened my eyes to the possibility that a non meat diet can be tasty and provide me with enough oomph to do pretty hard physical work.
So there will still be trips to the shops, but we’ll try and keep it local, and supplement wherever possible with home grown.