Well – what a year. So much has happened, and is all here in our blog, but looking back you wonder how it all fitted in. A year ago we were all set to move to Wales, hadn’t even seen Lackan Cottage Farm, and of course there were only two of us. 2012 began by finishing off the roundhouse at the Quarries Farm as best we could, then we lost our horse friend Oakley. So began a few months spent occupying Sherafey and enjoying being on horseback once again.

Then finding our cottage, and what seemed like an endless round of bid and counter bid, the elation of being the highest bidder, and what felt like an endless wait for the legal process to run its course.
There then followed an intense 15 week marathon of house gutting, building and fixing in time for the arrival of Lyra, punctuated by visits from disbelieving health professionals, unconvinced of the likelihood that we might have somewhere warm to live.

Some sad loss – Mabel the horse, to colic after only a week here, a hen here and there, and drama – the police coming out to remove the stash of rifle bullets found in an outhouse; and the fire brigade and neighbouring farmer to tow a drowning Sherafey from a seemingly bottomless bog.
Now Sherafey has a new friend – Mel, rehomed from a horse rescue centre, and hens are everywhere – some have followed from our old home.
The excitement and exhaustion of welcoming Lyra into the world, and all settling into our new home together.

New friends – our neighbours have all been marvellous, and we are becoming part of a community; those of like mind from the countryside around us, and groups such as GIY, and those from further afield, as we started to welcome volunteers from around the world.

There is so much to do in 2013, and we can’t wait to get stuck into it, but what is more important are the people that we will meet along the way, and with whom we will share Lackan Cottage Farm, and mark the turning of the year ahead. Thank You all, and a truly Happy New Year.