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This beautiful home is, according to Pembrokeshire Council Planners “harmful to the rural character of the locality”, and must be demolished. This despite the fact that it is situated in a private spot, not overlooked, and built from natural materials. The green roof means that it is hardly visible from the air.

Charlie and Megan built their home on land owned by Charlie’s parents, adjacent to Lammas Eco Village, where Charlie had worked and learned natural building skills. Having lived in a caravan for four years, and expecting a baby, the couple decided to go for it and put up this beautiful home using local, natural materials. Their budget of around £15,000 could never be sufficient to allow them to settle in the area where they grew up and work, and their home places no burden on local infrastructure.

You can see more about their story here at Living in the future, and if you want to help them, lend your support by using this online form  , giving your name and address, and attaching a short statement of support. Something along the lines of

Re: planning application 12/1070/PA.

Dear Claire John, Case Officer

This home is a model for sustainable natural building that blends perfectly into the natural environment. It is not my opinion that this home is harmful to the rural character of the area.


You can also find out more on the excellent Natural Homes website, which you will find here