looWhen we moved in to Lackan Cottage Farm a year ago, we inherited a variety of concrete and tin sheds, none of which were (or are) terribly pretty.  Eventually we’ll replace or clad them all in timber, and we decided to make a start with the outside toilet.  We wanted a) a compost  loo, and b) a green roof, and it had to be at low cost.


The answer? Saw mill skins. £45 for a huge bundle, we maybe used £20 worth. After removing the rusty metal sheet from the frame, we re-clad with the skins, and built up the roof structure to take a 6 inch soil layer.

In order to waterproof the roof we used a triple layer of plastic (silage sheet in this case), covered with carpet to protect it, and on top of that, a sandy soil mix that had come from clearing ground behind the house.  This was seeded with a wildflower mix, and we’ll plant some fruit around the edges.

The only other cost were 2 hinges and a urine separator (£30, but you could make one).  An old double glazing unit gives you a good view of the fields as you sit on the throne.

A couple of months on, the roof is starting to grow, and by the end of the summer should be a profusion of bee friendly wildflowers. We’ll also have plenty of ‘output’ to add to our humanure composters, which will be fertilising our trees next year.