This wind mullarkey is definitely harder than the solar. With solar you just fit it, point it in the right direction, and screw it down so it doesn’t blow away. Wind power is a whole different kettle of fish. The turbine comes with 3 lumps of angle steel to use as anchors for the 3 steel guy wires. Sledge hammered into the ground they feel like they are immovable, right? Noooo. One good night’s wind and I wonder why there is a distinct wobble in the whole setup. On closer inspection all the anchors have moved, and the guy wires are slack.
Luckily lowering the tower is easy, so we got it down asap, and the steel pegs have been replaced by box anchors and large amounts of concrete, so that I can sleep at night. Lesson learned. This wind turbine may only have a swept area of 3.4m2, but it exerts a serious amount of force on the anchors.
While it was down I took the trouble to double check all the fixings, and the blade balance, which again, is more critical than I thought it would be. What seems insignificant in no wind, would look like a lorra wobble in a strong gale.
The other job to be done while the turbine is down is to upgrade the electrics with the new charge controller, and other bits and pieces.
The ever helpful Philip from Leisure Batteries Ireland is sorting us out another battery so that we can cope with a decent sized inverter, so that’ll be the next job.