The newly found window on the outside. No horrible
pebbledash here.

A half day at the cottage today, and I wanted to find the source of the Massive Fungus, so climbed into a little gap between the old house and the Horrible Extension to investigate.
It didn’t take long to find the source of the problem – blocked and leaky guttering, combined with the building rubbish from the Horrible Extension raising the outside ground level.
Basically a leaky gutter has been channelling water directly into the window that we found yesterday, so no wonder the inside is so wet. The gutter being completely full of rubbish meant that water was also overflowing down the wall, making it all even wetter.
Made the electrics safe too, so we can now call the electricity people and get some power on, albeit temporarily (this is after all going to be an off grid development).

The Lady of the Manor surveying her dominion

Meanwhile Claire set to and began to tame the hedges around the drive, so now we can actually see to get in, which is useful when the gap is the same width as our lorry.