After all the hoo-ha, storm Frank didn’t hit too hard, and everything remains standing. Seeing as we have so much in the way of weather here, I asked Santa for a weather station and she has obliged, so now I have even more things to measure, and finally I know what it takes for the wind turbine to do its thing. Our little station measures wind speed, direction, rainfall, air pressure and temperature, and sends it all back to a base station in the house. From there we can send it up to the website.

photo (17)

As with all new things with a display, the first couple of days was spent inspecting it every five minutes to find out what looking out of the window would tell me, but the data is very handy.

In between wet and windy, we have had occasional cold days, notable usually for the attempts of a variety of rodents to find their way into the warmth of the house. Their usual route is via the woodstore – it’s very handy having it adjacent to the house but it doesn’t half attract rats. Leaving a gap between the two was a bad idea, so finally I got the wall between the two boarded up properly and rodent proof. Slowly but surely we are heading towards a building with no gaps in it.