This is Paddy, who is what you’d call a happy accident. When I saw him advertised on facebook, I really did not intend to end up giving him a home. Really. But I casually asked a couple of questions and heard no more. Then I get a message back a fortnight later, and the guy sounds desperate to rehome him, and next thing I’m bringing home a tiny three year old cob stallion, who turns out to be not quite two. Makes a change as they are usually older than people say, not younger.

Anyhow, the first thing we did was get poor old Paddy gelded, as Ireland is already awash with unwanted horses and fine though he is, no one needs any more of him. A week later he’s got a spring back in his step like nothing happened, and we’re all getting to know one another. Bo tolerates him in the way you’d expect a grumpy old man to tolerate a newcomer, which does him no harm whatsoever and he’s learning his place.

He’s rather a handsome chap, and will grow a bit yet, so who knows, he might make 13hh, and in a couple of years will be helping out around the place as a ride and drive companion to Rain.