Earthship Biotecture Ireland are holding a lecture with Michael Reynolds in Dublin. Going to book my tickets today – Michael is an inspiring guy and has done some amazing work. Anyone who hasn’t seen Garbage Warrior – go and order a copy now. Go on.

Michael Reynolds Lecture Dublin | “Sustainable Autonomy for Everyone” S.A.F.E.
May 19th 2012 | 3-5PM
€15 per person
Limited seating available.
Venue: The Sugar Club, 8 Lower Leeson Street
This two day Earthship Biotecture event, includes an “In-Person” lecture by Earthship creator Michael Reynolds and covers a wide range of Earthship topics both pragmatic and philosophical. This is an introduction lecture with a view to hold a seminar and build in the future.
A warm-up movie screening will include a “Q&A” segment with our staff and local sustainable leaders one week before his arrival.
Location: The Sugar Club