At last midwinter is here, and we marked the solstice with a fire, shared with friends. The seemingly relentless rain stopped falling just long enough for us to enjoy the night and reflect on the turning of the seasons, of which we are more acutely aware, living the way we do. We are agreed that change isn’t just coming – it is here now, and that we have a chance to shape it in a positive way. Looking back at the old year, something that strikes me is that although we have achieved a lot in terms of building things and shaping the place we have come to live in, what is most rewarding is that in a short space of time we have come to know so many amazing new people.
We were immediately drawn to this place when we first saw it, despite being all set to go and live in another country, and our time here has just emphasized that we made the right decision.
Although the trip is never particularly smooth, it is certainly an interesting one. Thank you to all those who have shown their support, both in person and online – we’re looking forward to even more exciting times in the year ahead.