Colin and Clinton working on the new steps.

That feels like the end of a particularly long 2 weeks, and its not even the end of the week yet. It began with 50 hours digger driving, which saw the forest garden area landscaped, and 40-odd tonnes of slate waste quarried to make the new car park, which got its gravel topping yesterday and looks very fine.
Somewhere in the middle of the digging I had the dumper rolling episode, followed by digging a short canal up the side of the big polytunnel here.
We rounded off week one with preparations for Rachael and Richard’s party, then the party itself, and the  cleanup afterwards.
Week two began with some frantic final digging before the machines were returned, followed by reconstructive surgery on the newly made chicken tractor, in order to make it a bit more hen-friendly.
Then Trevor turned up to dig trenches for water and electricity in the yard, and so followed some creative plumbing by Tina to repair the inevitable broken pipe.
Mid-week, and enough parts had arrived to begin a wire-a-thon in the truck to add one more battery, the new dump load for the turbine, and yet more cabling.
Lastly but not leastly, working with the steps to work guys to build some new steps into the smallholding field, which look very fine indeed. Oh and we put the wind turbine back up again on its new anchors. And its only Thursday……