Well, at last here I am – if not entirely off-grid then pretty substantially off grid. Today has been a mixture of the good bits – looking after the animals, gathering eggs, salad leaves, coriander, and some strawberries for dinner, sitting in the warm, in front of my homemade woodburner, enjoying the peace and quiet and  being able to walk 10 yards to the stables.
The downside? Because I don’t have proper leisure batteries, only an old truck battery to power all the electrics, I’m having continual problems with the water pump, which is a fairly vital part of the setup, and as I type this everything is switched over to the truck battery, at the risk of not being able to start the wagon tomorrow.
Other than that, things seem to work well. I’m using less water than I thought I would, gauged mainly by what is in the waste tank. Trips to the treebog are always an adventure, things like the cooker and fridge and working great. Wondering how long the gas will last – am running on freecycle leftovers at the moment, so will have to start looking out for more soon.
Despite the luton ceiling being a bit on the low side, the bed is dead comfy, and not as claustrophobic as I thought it might be, which is a relief.
Its genuinely relaxing, so I think I’m headed in the right direction.