In increasingly uncertain times, people are increasingly asking how they can do more for themselves. We’ve become so reliant on external sources of food, fuel, light, heat, and, to a great degree, knowledge, that it is really empowering to do more within our own homes and communities. What we are doing here at Lackan is finding out what can work, especially at a domestic scale, and then passing that knowledge on.

Our courses cover a wide range of topics. On ‘Resilient living in a day’ we offer an insight into as many different aspects of off grid and resilient living as possible, and talk about how participants can take what they have seen and integrate some of it into their own lifestyles.  Whether it is home heating, food growing, rainwater harvesting and cleaning, or building using natural materials, we talk about how to create sustainable closed loop systems.

Our DIY living course goes into more depth, and examines how permaculture design can help us create those systems within the context of our own lives. Over two days we look at the broad topics of food, energy, water, waste and shelter, and then how to use active observation to understand and design in our own landscapes and spaces. This course is being run at Lackan Cottage Farm, and also at Tir Na Nog in Mayo, and at the Pod Project in Donaghcloney, Co.Down, with each venue having its own slant. Lackan is a more established site that Tir Na Nog, and Donaghcloney offers the chance to look at designing in a smaller space or urban setting.

Courses take place in April, July and September at all venues this year. You can see our full range of courses at Lackan here on our events page.