Mel and Sherafey – not impressed with the weather

At last the rain and snow have stopped, and there is a hint of blue sky above us now. The wind is still bitterly cold though, and the snow shows no sign of leaving us any time soon.  This winter has been an especially difficult one for anyone with livestock, and we are making the most of the sileage and straw that we have left – it is hard to come by at this time of year. After a few hours out in the field, Mel and Sherafey were quite ready to head back to the shelter of their stables.


The icicles are growing steadily over at the stables. Some new guttering and rainwater harvesting are near the top of our spring ‘to-do’ list.


The hens have it sussed – they don’t stray far from their house, and have been keeping themselves warm and amused without venturing outside too often. When they do though, they scratch around the yard, which reveals a new piece of scrap metal to me almost daily. Today’s offering was an old flat iron  –


Quite a good sized one. I’m on the lookout for one of the holders that take the irons so that we can make good use of them. Either that or as bed warmers if we can find a warming pan thingy.


Despite the wintry weather, the posh birds down in the lower hen house are thriving – Robbie the rooster has definitely grown, and here he is on patrol with Big Blue, our especially gigantic hen of unknown origin.

20130324-154649.jpgIf anyone thinks they know what she is, do let us know….