This weekend has been a busy one indeed. We had our first wwoofers – Andrew McMurray, founder of the Drumlin Wind Cooperative, and Mick McEvoy, Belfast representative for GIY Ireland, both inspirational guys in their own right, who came to help put up our first polytunnel, and sample the delights of both horsebox living, and my cooking. We were also fortunate to have a visit from Sinead and Jon, who joined in the build, and our neighbour David. By the end of the day we had the cover nearly on, and a couple of hours on Sunday morning saw it properly stretched and attached.
The tunnel came from First Tunnels, whose kits are amazingly well thought out, and come (thankfully) with very good instructions. The frame (above) went up in no time at all, but it was amazing how long it took to attach all the bits and pieces such as base rails, door frames and the like.

Andrew and Mick, having the dubious honour of being our very first wwoofers, with a job well done.

The next step – get the space organised and get some veg in. Can’t wait!