Finally they have arrived – our four hens have taken up residence.  We have an Ancona (pictured above left); a Lavender Araucana (above right); a Black Araucana (below) and last but not least, a rather marvellous Welsummer. They have had a fairly eventful 24 hours, being captured by a bloke with a net, put in a cardboard box, and sped along in a car before being decanted into a strange home with 3 other strange hens, so they have been very subdued on their first day here.
Already though they seem to be settling in, and fell upon their whole wheat like hens possessed. No eggs yet, which isn’t a surprise, but we are hopeful of a few soon.
Araucanas lay very distinctive blue-green eggs, Welsummers lay dark brown eggs, and Anconas lay white eggs, so at least we will have a good idea who is doing what. 

Our very noisy Black Araucana above, and bossy Welsummer below –