As you can see, the new room is coming on now, and we are on the final layers of clay paint, having gone through progressively finer mixes until we are now using just clay, fine sand, wheat paste, and occasionally some colouring – in this case tumeric.

DSCF3757The colour lightens as it dries, but produces a wonderful look. The white clay we are using also dries to a brilliant white.



and you can see there on the left wall, the horse is still drying. Mixing earth paints is great fun, and more akin to cookery than decorating.



as first clay is mixed with sand, in the proportions 1:1, then water is added 6:1, and the mixture worked until it is completely smooth. Then flour and water (1 flour, 3 water) is mixed and added to produce the final paint. In this case we’ve added some tumeric to give the yellow colour.