The weekend of August 7-9 saw the first visit of the All Ireland Permaculture Gathering to Northern Ireland – at Tubby’s Farm in Hillsborough, home of Sunflowerfest. Preparations have been going on for months leading up to the Gathering, mainly organising the garden, which was transformed from an overgrown patch of weeds to a wonderful productive space.



The event itself was a wonderful eclectic mix of people, and it really was one of those occasions when it felt like a tribe coming together – so many folk to catch up with, new folk to meet, and all manner of talks and happenings to see and participate in.



We took the tipi along to Sunflowerfest the week before, and moved it up the site to the Gathering camping field, where it acted as accommodation, a meditation space, a workshop, and somewhere for the kids to play. So lovely to see it being well used.



Food was provided by the inimitable Sue Mills, who seems to be something of a legend at the Gathering, and runs an amazing outdoor kitchen, supported by a team of willing volunteers. The kitchen itself was pure theatre.



All in all an unforgettable event, and we look forward to seeing where it lands next year, as well as following up on ideas that came out of the Gathering. Exciting times..