It’s been a busy old day. This morning I could have sworn I heard bagpipes, and sure enough it turned out to be the local band heading up the road from the local Orange hall. The horses really don’t know what to make of them at all, but they are very good. 

Today the sun shone, and all day too, so we raced outside to make the most of it. Veg and herbs were transplanted out from their seed trays, and what will become the sunny courtyard bit looked positively abundant.

Despite being so pregnant its almost due, Claire was out there with the hedge clippers, hacking away –

In the course of looking for something completely unrelated, I found a few nice bits and pieces in the shed that just goes on giving. A great made in Britain label –

and a nice old Kilner jar, though I’m still looking for its lid.

Having raided the old floorspace for more copper pipe, I managed to get all our curtain poles up, and to round the day off, got up onto the roof to repoint all the loose ridge tiles and hopefully keep the rain out over winter. All in all, a pretty full day.