An Eco Classroom for Lackan Cottage Farm from Steven Golemboski-Byrne on Vimeo.

As many of you will know, we welcome all sorts of different people to the farm, all the time. From local and international volunteers, to the GIY group, permaculture courses, and the many people who want to find out more about how they can change the way they live. There are so many things that we have planned.

We’d love to be able to share knowledge all year round, but at the moment we have nowhere to teach indoors, and so we want to create a unique space that will inspire those who come to learn.

Using natural and recycled materials, the build itself will be an opportunity for people to get hands on experience of eco building, and be part of something really special as we create a timber frame, strawbale insulated structure, that is super efficient, 100% off grid and heated by timber from woodlands  on site.

We have plenty of experience from previous projects, having tackled everything from building compost loos to complete renovations, and everything in between.

Our plan is to build this summer, and we will be running free eco build courses so that people can come and get involved.  The timber frame will be clad with larch boards on the outside, insulated with straw bales on the inside, which we will plaster with lime. A big rocket mass heater will keep it warm, and also provide a heated bench that will provide somewhere for 2 visitors to sleep. Electricity will come entirely from solar and wind power, which we already have installed.

What we’ll be doing here

The kinds of courses we will be running include – DIY renewable energy; living off grid; permaculture; spoon carving; drumming; storytelling; downsizing, as well as events such as film screenings and discussions. The space will also be available for other groups to come and use as soon as it is complete.

Recycling however can only go so far – we have collected all sorts of salvage that will come in useful for the build, but we still need  £3000 to cover the costs of materials, mainly timber, – frame and cladding, windows, roofing, and plaster. This will allow us to have everything ready for winter, and people can enjoy building in the better weather.

How you can help

We can’t do this without your help, and even the smallest amount will make a real difference –

 Please make a pledge today. – Click here to visit our crowdfunder page

Please promote this campaign – email, Facebook post, tweet, talk and sing about our campaign and please, please send anyone you can find to this page!

Any money that we raise over our target will go towards buying tools and equipment for people to use when they come here on courses, so that more folk can come at the one time.


To say thank you for your help, we have a range of goodies on offer. We will plant a native tree in honour of every person who pledges, and of course you get our eternal gratitude for helping to make the project happen. £10 and we’ll plant you a tree. Pledge£20 and you’ll also get an invite to our summer celebration gathering. £50 and you get a free place on any one day course that we run. £100 gets you this plus a night in our luxury tipi, and £500 gets you an all inclusive weekend in the tipi, plus a free day course, invite to the gathering, and of course, a commemorative tree.

If you’ve got this far, please click here to visit our crowdfunding campaign page and make a pledge – thank you once again. You’re all wonderful 🙂