A bit of early evening winter sun means we get to catch a few last volts before it gets dark. There’s now 1.5kW of PV up on the roof, which suffers a bit from shading late in the day – just one of several issues to work around. We’re setting everything up to be optimal in the depths of winter, so we might waste a little in summer but shouldn’t run out of power. Another 30 panels – 2.5kW to go somewhere yet…




What was the old coal shed and general dumping ground has been helped somewhat by a good clean and a lick of white paint. Amazing how that makes almost any space look useable. Plus we finally stuck the old range together and found a temporary home for it. If anyone fancies a project – let us know, and make a sensible offer for the thing as I’m not sure it’ll get used anytime soon. The shed has yet to get a proper name, but its variously the switch room, utility room, or dairy, depending on how optimistic I feel at any given moment. All our collection of wires and boxes will be living out here, as having a collection of huge batteries in the corner of the living room has never been ideal.



As well as all the solar shenanigens and shed decorating, the plastering is being kept on the move by a variety of hardy souls – today Tasha got on with the roots of the big tree, as well as the various inhabitants of the underground. Amongst the practical electrical works, its lovely to have work coming from imagination going on alongside it. A door to -we know not where, and a little hedgehog going about his business are part of todays wonderful additions.. Who knows what else will be conjured up.