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As Dougie taught us, the word to describe stuff that is handy, and which others are disposing of, is ‘pruck’. Well we’ve had a bumper week for pruck. A friend is moving house and doesn’t have room for all the things she has collected up over the years, so we were happy to step in and offer some of it a home. Our favourite were these stained glass panels above – there are twelve, and we hope to incorporate them into the new extension when it happens.


By coincidence the front door of the porch from which the panels came is identical to our own, and so once repaired, its stained glass panel will be a perfect fit.



These old internal doors are perfect for our little cottage, which has none, and we also got all manner of shelves and bits and bobs that are of a similar vintage, and which suit the place perfectly.



Original fittings are always a bonus..