August 2014 will long be remembered as the month of many visitors. Over the course of four weeks we have laughed (mostly) cried (a little), celebrated some amazing cookery and culture, and seen the power that comes from a group of diverse people when they put themselves to a common task.


Irene and Samanta repair a rather badly damaged Ma Hen

We owe the life of our oldest rescue hen to Samanta and Irene – veterinary students from Tuscany, who worked wonders, and who is now striding around the place fully recovered.

We thank all those who braved some terrible weather to celebrate our crowdfunding success, and share some magical moments in the tipi as we drummed our way through an unforgettable night.


Sharly tackles the unenviable job of clearing the badly overgrown pond


Sharly, Irene, Samanta and Lyra line the hole with sand


Once the liner was placed the crew edged the pond with stones


Rightly proud of their work


The result is wonderful

At times exhausting, at times exhilarating, what we will miss most are the shared moments – at work, around the fire, at the dinner table, and our home seems very quiet now you have all left us to continue on with your travels.


Sharly, Samanta and Irene stringing onions and garlic on one of the sunnier days


Ready to hang in the kitchen – a work of art

Every volunteer that arrives brings with them an opportunity for us to learn, and this month we’ve discovered ways to improve what we do, how we share what we do with others, and how we can stay true to what we believe in. The legacy of all the recent volunteers is very tangible – a new pond, weed free veg beds, new planting, amazing progress with our classroom build, and more.


A wonderful evening enjoyed around the fire


Mealtimes hold some of our best memories

Now the month is over, and it is time to take stock, pause for a little while to reflect, before we continue on with what has been an amazing year so far.


Well done all of you 🙂