4 up, 8 more to add here…pointing due South


Rarely in many years of working outside have I ended up as wet as I did today. It was raining when I woke at 6, and tonight its still going. Still, what better weather for working with electricity. Outdoors.  Since we did the roof of the build, all the existing solar panels have simply sat untethered on top of the roof, and last night when one blew away, I realised there was nothing for it but to bite the bullet and put them all on some of the frames we got with our recent haul of panels.

So it was in the midst of a rain weather warning that I spend all day cleaning, attaching plastic feet to, and generally wrestling pv panels onto steel frames, whilst standing on a now muddy turf roof, trying to avoid electrocution from the 80 volt panel strings. A mere 6 hours later, and at least everything has proper connectors on, and despite it being almost dark from 2pm, generating a little power.

The next task is to put a much bigger frame up with another 8 or so panels on, before starting on the ground mounted arrays, each of 12 panels. That is, of course if I don’t run out of dry clothing…..


The ‘odds and sods’ rack. Despite their physical differences, these panels are all the same wattage.