We process a lot of firewood here and these two simple additions have made life a million times easier. First, we made up a thing to put long bits of wood in for cutting. Its a heavy bottom piece with uprights made from easily replaceable pallet wood, spaced so that cutting midway between them leaves us with 10″ pieces. Simply fill it up with wood, and you can cut mountains of fiddly bits with just 3 or 4 cuts.

You can buy metal versions of this, but at least with a wooden one if you clip the uprights with a saw, it won’t be blunted.

The next thing is the simplest – take a tyre, put your log (or logs, if they are small) in, and batter away with an axe or a splitting maul, (which I use). Three or four blows and your split logs are ready for the pile. No more running around picking up the bits once split. I have a tyre that fits on top of my splitting block and it stays in place without any extra attachment.