For a day off, it has been a very industrious one. In the morning I cut another load of cordwood ready for Monday’s volunteer group to continue building the front wall of the roundhouse.
A potato harvest has been long overdue, so we raided our plot and came back home with leeks, potatoes, onions, broccoli and broad beans, as well as finding a good load of raspberries.
Today’s experiment came in the form of making a meat smoker for some of the pork that Tina has been preparing. A chimonea, a length of twin wall flue, and an old metal cabinet, and a little persuasion with the angle grinder, and hey presto, our own smoker.
Luckily there are lots of beech offcuts and wood shavings left over from the roundhouse building, so with any luck the meat will be suitably tasty.

Left – the home made smoker in action.