Now that we are more or less done with the really big jobs, the race is on to get all the million and one little things sorted. The little gas bottle woodburner moved home today, and took up its new position in the living room. Thankfully it seems to draw well, although a couple of alarmingly large spiders dtopped out once we lit it. Having just spent 20 minutes with my arm up the flue I was eternally grateful that they hung on as long as they did..
Things like putting the front and back doors back on, make the place seem more habitable, oddly, as we  warm the house up to help the lime-hemp plaster dry – it’s a bit hit and miss, with some areas seeming to be pretty much hard, and other bits, particularly on cold walls having a distinctly soft feel still.

Another visit to one of my favourite places – Ballytrim Sawmill in Killyleagh, home of Clarke Cunningham, yielded some great bits of wany edged douglas fir board, which have become our window sills, and more of which will become kitchen shelves. Once sanded and oiled it looks fantastic.
To celebrate the magic of functioning plumbing, and a relatively sunny day we celebrated by taking a first bath in the little house. Knowing that the water had been heated by solar alone was really satisfying, and I’m still amazed that the one solar panel gives as much hot water as it does.