Having once been entirely bog, we’ve got a fair amount of rushes growing. In fact the wood field had so many this year that it was more than half covered. The horses have dealt with the majority of the rushes in their bit of the field, but the far end is fenced off following Sherafey’s accident in the ditch earlier in the year. It’s a fair sized bit of land, about 1/10th of an acre, and we’ve decided to grow (at least some of) our willow crop in it.
One slight snag however, is that it looked like the bit in the picture above – shoulder high growth, shading out almost everything else. Its a bit of a jungle –

I know from experience that there’s only one way to cut this, and that is by hand with a good, sharp sickle. It’s hard old work, but quicker than any strimmer, and a lot less noisy. So cue a couple of hours slashing last night, and another session this morning, in torrential rain, and it is starting to look a bit tamer –

I now have a couple of mountains of rushes, and am wondering what to do with it – if I can bundle it and dry it, then I am wondering whether we might thatch our (as yet non existent) woodland shelter?