This week it was time to do something with the growing space, which is a largeish patch in what was a very nice meadow ( I made hay off it last year), and which is the smallholding field on the farm.
It’s very dense turf, over slatey soil, and bloody hard to dig. So – the first step was to mow the whole lot as close as possible and clear up the mowings for compost.

The next step involved getting out the trusty Massey 135 and having a go with the rotovator, which as it turns out is a bit of a beast. On my first attempt I reached the end of the row and forgot that the still spinning rotovator would keep the tractor heading forward. Lukily I missed the polytunnel – as I headed off across the field.

The raised beds were made from reclaimed timber that came from a demolished building here in Bangor.

At the end of the first day, we’d shifted the soil to make pathways, and filled the beds, so all was looking rather well.