2013-09-28 10.06.03

Well, the winter solstice is here, and as the shortest day comes to a close, its amazing to look back on everything that has happened over the last 12 months, and all the people that it has been our privilege to welcome to the farm. This time last year we had yet to grow a vegetable here, and without the hard work of all the volunteers, from near and far, we wouldn’t have seen the results that we did.  The highlight of our year was surely the time we spent with our permaculture course visitors, and the energy that they brought to the farm.

photo (71)The year has seen some new arrivals – little (or not so little any more) Rain, from Holly’s Horse Rescue, who has at least doubled in width, and made himself very firmly at home; a variety of hens, both imported and home grown. The year had its downs as well as its ups, and sadly we said goodbye to Sirus, who died an old dog, and who we still miss terribly. A home isn’t complete without a dog..

20130521-182301.jpgHe’s resting in the garden, and we’ve planted a tree to remember him by.

On a positive note, we’ve made great strides with the little cottage, number 81, that was suffering a leaky roof and rusting windows. Here it is at it’s lowest ebb, when the roof came off –



and although far from complete, it does at least now have a slated roof, and some lovely new windows.



IMG_4847This time next year it’ll be complete, resplendent with a new coat of white paint, and surrounded by garden, though it does take some imagination, we’ll admit.

Now that the days are getting longer, we can start to plan the year’s adventures – hopefully we’ll meet more of you along the way, and thanks once again for your support, both in person and via the amazing emails that we get from all over the place. When it all seems too much like hard work, they really keep us going. 🙂