Lackan Cottage Farm (and our compost toilets) have teamed up with Toilet Twinning, to help provide clean water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education to people in some of the most deprived areas of the world. Nearly one third of the world’s population lacks access to even the most basic sanitation, whilst at the same time, nearly one third of household water use in developed countries ends up being flushed down the toilet. 

Compost toilets at Lackan Cottage Farm

Here at Lackan Cottage Farm we use dry compost toilets to significantly reduce water consumption. Compost toilets are simple, easy to build, hygienic and once composted properly, the humanure can be safely used to fertilise plants.

Compost toilet in Nepal built with help from

Toilet built in Nepal – photo Toilet Twinning

We have decided to use donations made on our recent open day to twin with a compost toilet in Dandabas, Nepal to help provide local people with the knowledge to improve their own hygiene practices and build toilets for the community.

“Visitors are always fascinated by our compost toilets, but soon realise what a great idea they are. They are shocked to discover just how many people across the world lack even basic facilities, and the impact that this has on their health. The twinning scheme is a simple way to bring simple, low cost benefits to the wellbeing of communities who need it most.”

As well as welcoming guests to our beautiful part of County Down, our work here at Lackan Cottage Farm is rooted in introducing people to ideas that will reduce their impact on the environment, build resilience, and inspire them to introduce some of the ideas that they see here into their own lives.