It has been a busy month so far here at the farm – Felix has returned to us from Germany for a second time, and last week we welcomed Uni from California. Much wood was chopped and stacked, and the woodstore is almost completely full – it is good to be able to see the woodyard again.


Daisy and Felix

This week is the turn of Daisy from Oswestry in England, and between us we have completed a wonderful woven fence to screen the garden in Birch Eco Cottage from Lackan Cottage. Made from birch cuttings from the woodland, the fence provides a simple barrier and will give plants something to grow up. The original down in the growing field is looking fine after 2 years.


Starting to dig the pond


Dug, filled and the liner edge covered. We’ve sown some red clover in the banks, and will now plant into the pond itself.


The second half of the week has been taken up with digging a second pond in the orchard – about half the size of the main pond, and at the lowest part of the field. The idea is to take the overspill from the big pond and run it down to the second one to keep it filled, and the water constantly refreshing.


The pond sits in a secluded spot down at the back of the orchard, surrounded by native trees.