This Christmas is different from those that have gone before, for a variety of reasons. First, we don’t have a lot of space here in the truck. Second, we do have pretty much all we need. Thirdly, it’s tough out there people, and we don’t want anyone spending money they don’t have on things that really aren’t desperately necessary.
So here are some ways in which I’ll be un-consumerising Christmas this year:

1 – Re-loved. Asking people to mend things that I love to bits but which are wearing or have worn out. I have a jumper that has had a hard old life, but which I can’t do without, so I’m getting the gift of darning from my mum.
2 – Pre-loved. Books are a favourite here. I’ve loads that I won’t read again, but which I’m pretty sure others will enjoy, and so they will be finding a new home this Christmas. It is great to give a new lease of life to something that would otherwise have ended up as landfill. Freecycle and Gumtree are another great source.
3 – Home made. Not for everyone I know, but if you know me and you don’t already have a wooden bowl, then maybe I just spoiled the surprise.

And I’ll take the time to enjoy the moment, remember the amazing people that have helped us, and celebrated with us, and occasionally cried with us throughout the year. I’ll think of the friends we’ve made, both human and animal, and remember those that we’ve lost.
It’ll be a great mid-winter celebration, whatever happens..

Picture copyright Claire the Illustrator