Well, we finally got started. Not the smoothest of beginnings, as the truck broke a fan belt half way there, and then a mile from the house, I knocked one of the mirrors off on a telephone pole. Brendan and I were there first, and greeted Claire cheerily only to discover that the house keys were an hour away at home….Left them to unpack the truck, and hared off up back to bangor to get the keys and a spare fan belt for the lorry.
Finally, by 1pm we were ready to start work…Before –

Two rooms were just wallpapered, and this was gone within an hour, and the old lino floors taken out. The other room was divided into two, and was dry lined. I say dry….look what was behind it – 
some quite incredible mould, and another window…. Who’d have thought.
The room also got a good bit bigger. One wall had a good 8 inch cavity behind it – 
You may be wondering why there seems to be a concrete block wall outside the window. That will be because someone decided to build an extension in front of it. And here it is after the lot was removed and all the mess cleared out – 
We were fortunate to meet Grace –  the sister of the former occupant, who grew up here from age 2, and remembers the little window from many years ago. She was kind enough to give us some pictures of them here, which I will put up soon.