Visitors to Birch Eco Cottage occasionally leave small items behind intentionally. Usually because they are travelling on and don’t have room in their luggage. We were surprised then, to find that newlyweds from Vermont,  Marianne and Derreck had decided to leave behind Marianne’s 3000 dollar Italian silk wedding dress.

Initially we thought that perhaps they hadn’t left and were still around, and then we discovered their note in our guest book, asking us to find the dress a new home, and explaining their reasons for leaving it here. The concept of sharing and ‘paying it forward’ is central to what we do here, and so we feel really blessed to have this opportunity to play our part in the story.

Marianne writes “I’m very blessed to get married in such a beautiful dress, and I could never afford it full price, and I want to give someone else the same gift. Please share it with any engaged couple you know, otherwise I’d love to donate it for someone who could never afford it outside of a thrift store.”

So we are on a search for a bride to be who would like a very beautiful wedding dress – approximate size 10. There are no conditions attached, just that someone make good use of it. It would of course be lovely to follow up on their story after their wedding day.
Email us – or use the contact form on the website.