Well folks, after much late night toiling, here it is – our new website and blog. We’ve been with blogger for years now, but the time has come when we need more than it can offer, especially now that we’re a business and have volunteers and visitors coming to the farm.  Being off grid may be part of our ethos, and some find it funny that we are so connected, but these days, an online presence is essential to us, and really the only way that we can keep in touch with like minded folk across the world. Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy reading about our exploits, and share some of yours with us. You will now find a ‘follow’ widget in the right column of the blog that allows you to keep informed of updates by email (if you wish), so do follow us, as your support means a lot, and has kept us going when we might have begun to doubt the widom or sanity of our choices.