It was great to meet the bus full of people who arrived today with Tom Woolley, who has been running an introduction to eco building course. Some great stories, wonderful plans, and glimpses of old buildings that will hopefully be reawakened by the amazing enthusiasm of their new owners.

Other people’s enthusiasm for the things that are happening here at the farm always gives us a boost, and it is great to share experiences with like minded people. To those who came along – thank you also for the support you showed for our crowdfunding campaign.

We’ve just passed the halfway mark in our bid to raise funds for an eco classroom and meeting space here at Lackan Cottage Farm  and it is all down to you folks who have pledged. 40 new trees will get planted, locking up 40 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime – that’s the equivalent of 120,000 miles of air travel. We’ll be welcoming at least 13 people on new courses later in the year, and 3 of you will be invited to come and stay in the tipi – an unforgettable experience.

Now we have just 20 days to raise the remainder of our £3000 target. Remember – if we don’t meet the target, we don’t get the funding, so its really important to  spread the word as far and wide as possible. Many of you have already done incredible things to pass on the message, so keep up the good work, and thank you for your help and enthusiasm.

If you haven’t already seen our video, please do take a look and show your support by making a pledge, and telling others. We’ll be looking for volunteers to come and help build, and there will be opportunities to build with straw, try plastering with lime/hemp, build a rocket mass stove, use glass bottles and other recycled materials to build, and more.

Many thanks to you all
Steve and Claire