You may recall that three years ago (it might be four) we realised that we had a well in the garden, although it turned out to have been used as a drain for a long time and took a lot of cleaning. Anyhow, clean it we did and at the time it passed the environmental health water test. We left a lift pipe in it, rebuilt the wellhead, put the cover on, and that was that.


Somewhere down there is the main water pipe.

Until now. This year’s job was supposed to be water – well water, and rainwater, and the clock is ticking, so I thought it was time to get the well water connected, and at least pump from the well, and get it retested. So today I started digging up the main pipe into the house so that we can put a stoptap on the main supply, and feed the pumped water from the well into the domestic water pipes. Somehow we have to separate the stables, and the polytunnels, both of which will be rainwater fed from several large tanks, but for now the task is to hook up the pump and see what the water looks like…