Before plastic containers and even cardboard boxes became common, the woven basket was used as a container for literally everything. Able to be made into all sizes and shapes, limited only by the imagination of the basket weaver, the basket was part of everyday life. Longer lasting than a cardboard box, but able to biodegrade, and made from an easily renewable material, baskets are an ideal way to store and carry things, as well as decorative items in their own right.

You can learn the basics quickly and create a nice useable basket in a day – many people then come back to consolidate what they have learned. It is a skill that is suitable for all ages, and is very satisfying to accompish.

In our one day introductory course you can experience basket weaving with locally sourced willow to make your own traditional skib which is a simple round basket. Under the expert guidance of basket maker and craft tutor Sabine Wolniczak you will learn the basic techniques involved in this intricate ancient craft and return home with your own woven basket.

Cost £70 including materials and lunch. Just six places available for each date.

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