Midwinter is now only weeks away, and our day is finishing ever earlier. This evening brought us some dramatic skies, and the promise of a nice day tomorrow, perhaps. I am off to collect some more hens, and our first rooster, from the other side of Strangford Lough, so this will be the first time that I’ve been on the ferry with livestock! Our new arrivals have a job to do – preparing the ground in the new polytunnel, so until they’ve finished, they are going to be living in a hastily built hen-house made of pallets and offcuts –

which will give them time to settle in before they have to integrate with our existing flock.

I couldn’t resist some more photos while the light was good, and so here is the amazing larch tree that looks like it is reaching over to grab the little house –

and a nice view of the two houses. This is a view from the south, so we’re hoping to have a little courtyard area in there somewhere.